Friday, December 2, 2011

Episode 2

Thank you to everyone who's listened and furthermore given me some great feedback...Brenda Style MORH, apologies to I need Of Sympathy. No knitting cause i'm so busy working on Project Lame Way, but I've lost my marbles and think lace might be fun, that and I am the knitting olympics Sasha Cohen. Subversive knitting of the week is brought to you by Punk Knits and Share. Introducing a new segment Local Yarn Store of the Week ImagiKnit and I read my first essay full of pure knitting dorkness(please send in your essays so that i don't have to write another one. Also contest for Mosh Knit Logo and Theme(contest details will be posted later)

and our punk music brought to you by:

Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me
Fenwick - PETA Sux
The Dials - Nothing But Crazy
Redefining The Moment - Oxygen for Two
Manda And The Marbles - Say Anything

So hope you enjoy the show

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